The Process

Explore the transformative path from initial contact to full integration with AI Assist. This journey outlines the steps to seamlessly incorporate AI into your operations, enhancing efficiency and redefining customer service, ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing support for success.

Payment & onboarding

Once the development fee is paid, we immediately create a Slack channel with our developer and your team, and ask you to fill out a form detailing your preferences, such as response time and tone of voice, where you can also leave your SOPs.

System Integration & SOP Discussion

We'll need real-time information from your platforms to keep the AI up-to-date, so we'll ask for your permission to access them. Additionally, we'll either discuss our tested SOPs or provide feedback on yours during a call to reach an agreement.

Setup & prompt creation

If you prefer not to have AI automatically answer everything, we set up human escalation channels. Plus, crafting a prompt is crucial for embedding your company's culture, tone of voice, and response time into the AI assistant.

Testing & debugging

With everything in place, we begin testing with past customer questions from your shop and internally fix any bugs or issues that arise during development and testing phases to ensure smooth operation.

Launch & monitoring

Your AI assistant goes live, closely monitored by us for the first five days to identify and fix any emerging bugs, completing the process from payment to live operation.