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What is AI-Assist?

AI-Assist is a customer service software that implements OpenAI’s ChatGPT into your business.

We train the AI models and integrate it with whatever service you use, so we can answer ANY customer inquiry at ANY time within 200 seconds.

Is Your Customer Support Keeping Up in this New AI Era ?

Humans vs Artificial Intelligence

Response Time

The maximum reply time Ai-Assist ensures is 200 seconds to reply to a customer question

The average reply time of a human is 5 minutes to answer a customer question or inquiry


For your custom AI agent, the cost is €0.40 - €0.50 per ticket, depending on Auto or Co-Pilot, for automated responses.

The cheapest customer service personnel, you pay between €0.75 and €1.00 per ticket for individuals in a developing country.

Language Proof

Our AI software understands every language worldwide. It quickly recognizes the language of the question and responds in the same language, all within 200 seconds

The average human can speak and understand 2 to 4 different languages which means that if you want to scale your business outside 4 countries you are gonna face a problem

How do we answer your customer questions in 200 seconds with Ai?


Automated request

Our AI software reads your customers question and scans for key details like their name, email, phone number, or order number


Integrated Data

We’ll integrate and train our software with your customer database, enabling a match between key information, the question, and your customer records


Automatic ChatGPT

Once a match is identified between the question and your business information, our software will trigger a prompt to ChatGPT. The response will automatically be sent to your customer

This is how we create a customized AI Agent for you

Let's schedule a meeting!

You schedule an onboarding call to determine if we can help you & your business

Phase 1: Onboarding

Fill out a form, and we'll connect your customer database & website with our software

Phase 2: Creation

We'll forward all the details to our developer, who will create your AI customer assistant

Phase 3: Connecting your AI

After your AI agent is ready, we'll review everything in a call to ensure your satisfaction

Your AI is ready to go!

If you approve, we'll launch your AI agent, and you can relax as we handle your inquiries!


Our clients after 60 days on average


Cost per ticket



1 hour

Response time


Cost per ticket



200 sec

Response time

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Our Features

Here's why AI-Assist is all you need:


Since we use the GPT-4 API, our software can speak ANY language in the world.


We can choose certain topics, inquiries or points of a conversation where we can hand the ticket over to one of your customer service agents.

Lightning Speed

Our software always replies within 200 seconds. Guaranteed. Way faster than any human could even read the incoming e-mail.

Integrated with your webshop

We can integrate with your Shopify or Woocommerce database to extract client info, shipping status, order history and more. This gets included in the knowledge of the AI-Agent.

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