Unlimited Scaling, tailored for E-commerce

A badly set-up back-end will sooner or later cause massive problems for your stores when you’ve found a winner product, and want to start scaling the store.

At AI-Assist, we develop tailor-made systems that allow you to scale up and down at any moment. Discover how👇🏻

"Since working with AI-Assist we increased our Trustpilot score from 2.8 to 3.6 stars, decreased our refund-rate from 8% to 2.07%, increased our profit margin significantly due to lower costs and increased the number of returning customers by 15%. Amazing work by them, and would definitely recommend" -Tim

Smarter, Faster, Better

Our AI Customer Service Model has an IQ higher than that of Einstein. It can certainly handle your customers asking how to return their T-Shirt. 


AI can instantly be deployed to all your stores globally. We're already live from New Zealand to Norway, and from Italy to Cape Town.


The AI knows when a human action is required and seemlessly hands it over to the right colleague

Lightning Speed

Guarantees responses within 200 seconds, significantly faster than human capabilities, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

How to start scaling today?

We specialize in helping already big (100k+/mo)  e-commerce business to scale to 1M per month and beyond. Here’s how we do it:

Get in touch

Schedule a time in our Calendly down below. Joep (co-founder) will give you a call and ask you 4 questions about your business to see if we're a good fit to work together. 

Free Consultation with AI Expert (worth 500€)

If the first phone call confirmed that we are indeed fit to work together, we'll go on to schedule a consultation with Ferry (AI Expert) and Mees (co-founder & Head of Development)

In this meeting, we will walk through your current back-end, any problems you might have regarding scaling your e-com business and we will explain our services to you in greater detail. If we can be of any help, we'll make you an offer you can't refuse. 

Closing the Deal

Once we've agreed to work together, we'll construct all the paperwork to get started. This includes the contract, invoice and the ever-important Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This means full protection for your precious business secrets and winning products.  

Development process

Our EU-based developers will get started to integrate everything into your stores. This generally means connecting the AI to the CRM, Shopify & the tracking service. This takes 7 days at maximum, in which we keep in close contact to make sure everything goes according to your demands. 

Going Live

The final step involves going live with our AI Employee, followed by continuous support to ensure its success. This phase is all about monitoring performance, making necessary adjustments, and providing ongoing assistance to guarantee that the AI solution delivers on its promise and supports your business growth.